Toyota Halts Production at 4 Plants in Japan

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Toyota Motor Corp. head office

Nagoya (Jiji Press)—Toyota Motor Corp. said Tuesday that it will suspend six production lines at four group vehicle plants in Japan until Thursday after the revelation of fresh fraudulent engine tests by Toyota Industries Corp.

The automaker hopes to resume operations after the transport ministry confirms that Toyota vehicle engines meet regulatory standards. It stopped operations at the four plants Monday evening.

The four, all located in central Japan, are Toyota Auto Body Co.’s Yoshiwara, Inabe and Fujimatsu plants as well as Gifu Auto Body Co.’s headquarters plant.

The suspension affects production lines not only for models subject to a shipment halt due to the scandal, such as the Land Cruiser SUV, but also for those not subject to such a measure, including the mainstay Alphard minivan.

On Monday, Toyota Motor said it will suspend shipments of 10 vehicle models, including the Land Cruiser, due to Toyota Industries’ fraudulent performance tests for three types of automobile engines supplied to Toyota Motor. Of the 10, six are for the domestic market.