Keidanren Chairman, South Korean Business Leader Meet; Pledge to Boost Support for Startups, Decarbonization

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
keidanren Kaikan building

Masakazu Tokura, the chairman of the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren), and Ryu Jin, president of the Federation of Korean Industries, agreed Thursday to strengthen their collaboration to support startups and decarbonization, so as to further develop the economic ties between Japan and South Korea.

Tokura and Ryu confirmed at their meeting that they share common challenges, such as energy security and geopolitical risks.

The two sides noted in a joint statement that they will work together to resolve related issues — in particular, “it is important to harness the vitality of startups and make them a growth engine for both countries,” the statement said. They also said they will hold a forum on cooperation regarding startups by the end of this year in Tokyo.

In addition, the joint statement outlined the activities of a joint fund established last year by the Japan and South Korean business groups that is unrelated to the legal issue of former wartime requisitioned workers from the Korean Peninsula.

Fifty high school teachers from South Korea will be invited to Japan by the end of this month to tour educational facilities, and teachers from Japan will be sent to South Korea to deepen mutual understanding.