Japan Toy Maker Releases Stuffed Toy That May Stop Babies Crying; Toy Uses Engine Sounds from Honda NSX to Calm Babies

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A stuffed toy that plays the sound of a Honda NSX engine is seen in Tokyo.

T-ARTS Co., a major toy manufacturer based in Tokyo also known as Takara Tomy Arts, has released a stuffed toy that may help to stop babies crying.

This toy is shaped like a car, and when you press the hood, it plays the engine sound of a Honda NSX sports car, which may have a calming effect.

Seeing a post on social media that said, “Babies stop crying when they ride in a sports car,” Honda Motor Co. employees examined the engine sounds of more than 30 cars and found that the unique deep bass of the NSX was closest to the frequency of sounds heard in the womb. In an experiment they conducted, 11 out of 12 babies stopped crying when they heard the sound of the NSX’s engine, they said.

Takara Tomy Arts paid attention to the experimental results announced by Honda in 2018 and proceeded to create products that take advantage of the effect. With one push, the sound of the engine is played for 45 seconds. It is sold at toy stores nationwide for ¥8,250 including tax.