Japanese Cosmetics Brand Unveils Products for Use in Space

The Yomiuri Shimbun
The new Cosmology brand’s facial cleanser and moisturizer

A leading cosmetics company has unveiled a new brand of products that can be used in space, with plans to have them taken to the International Space Station next year.

Pola Inc. developed the cosmetics brand Cosmology along with ANA Holdings Inc., and have announced that they will release a facial cleanser and moisturizer in October. The facial cleanser can be wiped off without water, and the moisturizer is semi-solid, preventing it from dispersing when subject to microgravity.

The leading cosmetics company started developing the brand in 2020, and flight attendants from ANA cooperated by testing the products. The products will be adopted by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and are planned to be carried on board the ISS next year.

Pola President Miki Oikawa told reporters, “This is a challenge to improve life in space and on Earth.”