East Japan City to Offer Pleasure Flight Through Tax Donation System

Courtesy of Japan Airlines
Hondajet to be used for the pleasure flight for a return gift

NARITA, Chiba — A pleasure flight on a HondaJet small business plane has been added to a list of rewards for donations through the furusato nozei tax donation system in Narita, Chiba Prefecture.

The city plans to offer a sightseeing flight in return for a donation of ¥10 million or more, the highest amount set by the city. The plane, which can carry up to four passengers, will depart from Narita Airport and the flight will take about an hour.

Inside the plane

A scenic view of Mt. Fuji will be offered, and other flight courses will be decided after listening to requests from donors. A lunch or dinner course at local restaurant Diningport Goryokaku, which uses ingredients grown near the airport, will also be included.

This will be the first time for the city to provide the use of Narita Airport through the tax donation system. “This is a chance to convey the charm of the city and the airport,” a local government official said.

Donations for the flight gift can be made until March 31 next year.