Toyota to Launch New Hydrogen-Powered Fuel Cell ‘Crown’ Model

Courtesy of Toyota Motor Corp.
The new Crown Sedan

Toyota Motor Corp. plans to launch a hydrogen-powered fuel cell version for the new Crown Sedan in autumn, its second fuel cell passenger car after the Mirai, the automaker said.

Toyota’s 16th generation Crown vehicle has four models: Crossover, Sport, Sedan and Estate.

The Crossover is a hybrid vehicle with a new style that is a mix of a sedan and sport-utility vehicle. It was launched in September.

The Sedan will have both hybrid and fuel cell versions.

The Sport is an SUV. Toyota plans to launch a hybrid version in autumn and a plug-in hybrid type around winter.

The company plans to launch in 2024 a hybrid and plug-in hybrid for the Estate, which is a combination of a wagon and SUV. Prices will be announced later.