Mos Burger to release ‘luxury’ beef burger using prime cuts from whole cows

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A new hamburger using prime beef at a Mos Burger hamburger shop

One million servings of a special hamburger using prime beef from a whole cow will be available at Mos Burger shops across the country from Dec. 28, the chain’s operator Mos Food Services, Inc. has announced.

The hamburger is priced at ¥690 and called “Ittogai kuroge wagyu burger tokusei teriyaki sauce” (Japanese black cow beef from a whole cow with special teriyaki sauce).

The new hamburger is Mos Food Services’ answer to public demand for a little bit of luxury over the year-end and New Year holiday season.

The beef used in the hamburger comes from 19 cuts of beef from cattle purchased as whole animals. They include expensive cuts such as sirloin and fillet. While the price of meat is rising all over the world, the company managed to curb costs by buying whole cows. According to the company, there is a secret ingredient in the form of a fermented seasoning made from the Japanese black cow meat, which enhances the texture of the red meat and the sweetness of the fat.