Travel time between Kansai Airport, Osaka Station cut by 20 minutes

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
The Kansai-Airport Express Haruka

From next Spring it will be possible to get from JR Osaka Station to Kansai Airport on a direct train 20 minutes faster, West Japan Railway Co. has said.

According to the company’s announcement on Friday, an underground platform will open at Osaka Station Mar. 18, 2023 after its tracks have been partially replaced. The Kansai-Airport Express Haruka, which currently only passes through the north side of Osaka Station, will then stop at the new platform.

The fastest train service from Kansai Airport to Osaka Station that is currently available is via the Kansai-Airport Rapid Service and it takes 67 minutes. With the new platform, the average travel time from the airport to Osaka Station will be reduced to 47 minutes, making it much more convenient for tourists.

The limited express Kuroshio that connects Osaka and Wakayama will also stop at the underground platform, shortening the travel time between the two prefectures from 90 to 57 minutes, a 33-minute reduction.

“The network centered on Osaka Station will become stronger,” said a JR West official.