NEC develops gateless biometric authentication system to ease congestion

Courtesy of NEC Corp.
A gateless biometric authentication system developed by NEC Corp.

NEC Corp. announced that it has developed a biometric authentication system that does not require gates, which often cause congestion at the entrances of event venues.

The system uses face recognition technology as well as other biometric authentication technology that can identify a person by their clothing and other items even if part of their face is not visible. The company aims to put the system into practice in fiscal 2024.

In the system, cameras capable of recognizing more than 100 people per minute will be installed above the entrance area. If visitors register images of their face in advance, they will be able to pass through the authentication process and enter smoothly. If an unregistered person attempts to pass through, a warning will be issued on a display installed above or elsewhere, alerting security personnel immediately.

At places such as event venues, theme parks, offices and factories, long lines are formed when large numbers of people are concentrated at the entrances at certain times of the day. NEC hopes to market this system to companies and other entities as a solution to ease congestion at such locations. It also envisages the system to be used at ticket gates at train stations in the future.