MUJI 500 store mainly selling items under ¥500 opens in Mitaka

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A new store MUJI 500 is seen at JR Mitaka Station in Mitaka, Tokyo.

Ryohin Keikaku Co., which operates MUJI, opened a new type of store called MUJI 500 at JR Mitaka Station in Mitaka, Tokyo, on Friday. The new store mainly sells daily necessities for ¥500 or less.

The percentage of items priced under ¥500 at the new shop is roughly 70%, an increase from less than 30% at regular stores. The company plans to open 30 stores in this new format by the end of February 2023, mainly in central Tokyo.

The new store sells about 3,000 products, less than half the number of items sold at regular stores. About 2,000 of the products are under ¥500, including food items, kitchen sundries and garbage bags. As well, customers can order products online that are not immediately available at the store and then later pick up the items.