Resona to launch mobile banks in Tokyo, Osaka

Courtesy of Resona Bank, Ltd.
A Resona Mobile Bank truck

Resona Bank, Ltd. will launch mobile banks using 3-ton trucks from May 17, allowing customers to do things like open accounts, complete housing loan procedures and change registered addresses, the bank has said.

For the moment, the Resona Mobile Bank outlets will open about twice a week at four locations around large condominiums and in parking lots of commercial facilities in Tokyo and Osaka Prefecture.

While major banks are consolidating branches as part of their digitization efforts, Resona aims to respond to customers’ in-person needs with the mobile service.

A customer counter and an ATM will be set up in a space of approximately 10 square meters in the back of the renovated trucks, as well as a videophone for completing some procedures between the mobile bank and the head office. Two employees will be stationed in each truck to provide the same services as at regular branches, such as asset management and inheritance consultation.

While there have been cases of mobile outlets operating in depopulated rural areas, this is the first time a major bank will introduce such a system in urban areas.