Improper quality tests found at Idemitsu subsidiary

Jiji Press
Toa Oil President Kazuhisa Harada,left, at a press conference on Friday.

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Toa Oil Co., a subsidiary of major oil wholesaler Idemitsu Kosan Co., said Friday it has discovered improper product quality tests at its refinery in Kawasaki.

Toa Oil failed to conduct quality tests frequently enough for 12 oil products including regular gasoline, high-octane gasoline and gas oil. The frequencies required under law and a contract with Idemitsu were not met.

The company said there are no safety problems related to the test inadequacies.

According to Toa Oil, the malpractice was found following a report from an employee in March.

“We apologize for the situation, which undermined trust [in the company],” Toa Oil President Kazuhisa Harada told an online press briefing.

Harada said there is information that the improper quality tests began at least five years ago.

Toa Oil will set up a panel including outside experts to investigate the matter. Meanwhile, Idemitsu will check whether there has been similar irregularities within the group.