Yahoo Japan to discard rules on employee location Share

Yahoo Japan Corp. is set to abolish residence restrictions to enable its about 8,000 employees to live anywhere in the country, the company said Wednesday.

From April, workers will for the first time be allowed to commute by airplane, express train or expressway bus. The company will pay individuals up to ¥150,000 in monthly travel fees.

By easing the restrictions, the company reportedly aims to create a comfortable working environment for its staff and secure able personnel.

Yahoo Japan has strived to promote telecommuting. As of January, about 90% of its employees could work remotely. However, company rules presently stipulate that staffers must be capable of commuting to work by 11 a.m., if instructed to do so the previous day.

Employees currently receive up to ¥9,000 per month in special expenses to help facilitate a telecommuting-friendly work environment. The company will increase this amount by ¥1,000 to ¥10,000 per month, following the introduction of its new policy.

Staffers will also receive up to ¥5,000 in monthly expenses to support company get-togethers, aimed at helping revitalize interpersonal communication.