Kirin to increase shipments of non-alcoholic beverages in May

Courtesy of Kirin Brewery
A bottle of Kirin Brewery’s non-alcoholic beerlike beverage Zero Ichi

Kirin Brewery Co. has increased its planned shipments of non-alcoholic beers and beerlike beverages in response to a surge in demand from eateries that are complying with local government requests to restrict alcohol sales in Tokyo and three prefectures under a state of emergency.

According to Kirin, shipments of its non-alcoholic Zero Ichi increased rapidly in the week starting April 25, when the latest state of emergency was declared. The beermaker has seen an increase in orders from eateries that have stopped serving alcohol and are operating reduced business hours.

Demand for non-alcoholic beers and beerlike drinks is expected to increase further as local governments in areas surrounding the four prefectures have also asked eateries to stop serving alcohol.

Shipments of Asahi Breweries Ltd.’s non-alcoholic Dry Zero have also increased. The beermaker has had strong sales of non-alcoholic beers and beerlike drinks for home consumption, with some convenience stores reportedly selling out of some products.

“Business suspension requests were issued suddenly but many dining establishments want to stay open,” a Kirin official said. “This is a good opportunity to promote the appeal of non-alcoholic beers and beerlike beverages. We hope [the products] meet the expectations of consumers.”