Ootoya Eyes Lunch Set Price Cut in Feb.

Japanese cuisine chain Ootoya Co. is considering cutting the price of its popular Ootoya lunch set by ¥50 in February, enabled by reduced material costs through joint purchases with major restaurant operator Colowide Co., which seized control of Ootoya.

The prices of other menu items will be cut gradually and will start at company-owned stores before expanding to member stores.

Ootoya’s signature set meal, which includes fried chicken, will be reduced from ¥790, including tax, to ¥740. Ootoya’s earnings have been sluggish due to price hikes stemming from rising material costs. Ootoya plans to review the dishes to attract families and male customers.

Ootoya’s commitment to in-store cooking will continue, and the current 320 stores will be maintained for the time being. The company is also considering starting delicatessen sales at department stores next spring.

“Slightly lower prices and more fun to choose from,” said Masaki Kuroudo, who was appointed president of Ootoya Holdings Co. in November, in an interview with The Yomiuri Shimbun.