Comedian Toshio Sakata, Known as ‘Aho no Sakata,’ Dies at 82

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Toshio Sakata, center, is seen in Osaka in July 2015.

Toshio Sakata, a comedian popularly known by the nickname “Aho no Sakata” (Sakata the Idiot) with such gags as “Aarigato-Saan,” died of natural causes on Friday. He was 82.

A private funeral will be held soon for his close relatives.

Sakata, born in Osaka City as Toshio Jigami, made his debut in 1964 and formed the Comedy No. 1 duo with fellow Yoshimoto Shinkigeki theater troupe member Goro Maeda. He became popular for his idiotic character and gags such as “Aarigato-saan” and “A yoitose-no-korase.”

Even after the duo’s breakup in 2009, he continued to perform on the Yoshimoto Shinkigeki stage.