Former Sekiwake Terao Dies at 60; Popular as Aggressive, Handsome Sumo Wrestler (Update 1)

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Stablemaster Shikoroyama

Stablemaster Shikoroyama, who gained popularity during his sumo career as sekiwake Terao, died Sunday, according to the Japan Sumo Association. He was 60.

The Kagoshima Prefecture native became a fan favorite as an undersized dynamo with an aggressive pushing attack and handsome features.

The son of a sumo wrestler, Terao found success along with his older brother Sakahoko, who also reached the third-highest rank of sekiwake. At one time, the two brothers were in the sanyaku — the three ranks below yokozuna — simultaneously. Sakahoko passed away in 2019.

Terao retired in September 2002 and took the name Shikoroyama. Sixteen months later, he started his own stable. Among the young wrestlers he nurtured was current komusubi Abi.