Japan Singer Shinji Tanimura of Alice Folk Rock Band Dies at 74; Known for Hits ‘You’re rollin’ thunder,’ ‘Subaru’ (Update 1)

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Shinji Tanimura

Shinji Tanimura, a singer-songwriter with the popular folk rock band Alice, has died at 74.

Tanimura died on Oct. 8, according to his official website.

A native of Osaka Prefecture, Tanimura founded Alice with Takao Horiuchi and Toru Yazawa, playing guitar and providing vocals.

His vocal harmony with Horiuchi was praised for its depth, and Alice has had many hits, including “Fuyu no Inazuma” (You’re rollin’ thunder) and “Champion.”

Tanimura is also famous as a solo singer, with hit songs such as “Subaru.”