Professional Wrestler Terry Funk Dies at 79

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Terry Funk

American professional wrestler Terry Funk, known in Japan as “Texas Rough Horse,” has died age 79, according to the WWE, a U.S. professional wrestling organization.

U.S. media reported in 2021 that Funk had been suffering from dementia and was living in a nursing home in Texas.

Funk, who first visited Japan in 1970, was known as a member of “The Funks” tag team, along with his brother Dory Jr., according to New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co.

The Funks bested Giant Baba and Antonio Inoki in 1971.

Funk is also known for inspiring the Terryman character in the manga “Kinnikuman,” created by duo Yudetamago, who hail from Osaka City.