Aurora Observed in Hokkaido Due to Solar Flares; Intense Solar Activity Showing Beautiful Patterns on Starry Nights

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Aurora appears in the northern sky in Omu, Hokkaido, on Saturday night.

Auroras were observed in the northern sky of Hokkaido on Saturday night due to severe geomagnetic storms as the explosive phenomena known as solar flares were observed on the surface of the sun.

Auroras usually appear around the Earth’s North and South poles, but they can also be observed at lower latitudes when geomagnetic storms occur.

Ryuho Kataoka, an associated professor at the National Institute of Polar Research said, “The latest flares occurred many times in a short period, making it easier for geomagnetic storms to occur. This may have created conditions that made it easier to observe the aurora.”