Sanriku Railway in Iwate Pref. Issues Commemorative 40th Anniversary ‘Pilgrimage’ Stamp

Courtesy of Sanriku Railway Co.
Sanriku Railway’s 40th anniversary stamp

Sanriku Railway Co. in Miyako, Iwate Prefecture, issued a special tetsuin, or railway stamp on Monday to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its Sanriku Tetsudo (Sanriku Railway) services, which run along the coast of the prefecture.

Those who wish to receive the stamp on their tetsuincho, or train stamp book can do so for ¥300 at Miyako Station on the line until March next year.

Tetsuin is the railway version of goshuin, a stamp worshippers and visitors to temples and shrines can receive on a stamp book as a memento of their pilgrimage. The tetsuin project was launched in July 2020 by mainly member companies of the Semi-Public Sector Railway Company Council.

The stamp bears the logo for the anniversary, which features symbolic images of the sea and the mountains along the line, with orange as the base color.

It was designed by a female employee,23, who works at Sanriku Testudo’s passenger business department.

“I hope many people will buy the stamp and enjoy the view from the train windows,” she said.

To receive the stamp, one is required to have the tetsuincho stamp book and a ticket to ride the train.