Hydrogen Station Opens Near Tokyo Condominium Complex; Will Supply Hydrogen for Lighting, Bus Services

The Yomiuri Shimbun
An opening ceremony is held for a hydrogen station in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, near the Harumi Flag condominium complex in the background.

A hydrogen station has opened near Harumi Flag, an extensive condominium complex built on the site of the Athletes Village for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The station will provide hydrogen to condos and commercial facilities at the site through underground pipes.

Hydrogen is drawing attention as a clean energy source that emits no carbon dioxide at the time of combustion. According to the Tokyo metropolitan government, this is the first time in Japan for hydrogen to be supplied to an entire area in the city.

Hydrogen is converted to electricity by batteries installed at the condominium complex. The system’s electric output per hour is 220 kilowatts, which will be used for communal areas’ lighting, elevators, street lamps and other elements of the area.

The hydrogen station can be used by hydrogen-powered Toei Bus services, which are operated by the Tokyo metropolitan government, as well as by general fuel cell vehicles.

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A fuel cell bus is supplied at a newly opened hydrogen station in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, on Wednesday.