University of Tokyo President Urges, ‘Maintain Willingness and Attitude for Dialogue Despite Conflicting Views’

Pool photo
The graduation ceremony held at the University of Tokyo, Tuesday morning, in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.

The University of Tokyo’s graduation ceremony took place on Tuesday at the Hongo Campus (Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo). President Teruo Fujii addressed attendees, stating, “Serious conflict and complex contradictions exist as realities in the world. Even when your views clash with those of others, please do not abandon your willingness and attitude to continue creating opportunities for dialogue.” He emphasized the need for graduates to contribute to resolving global challenges such as climate change, advancements in artificial intelligence, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

The valedictorian, a student from the Faculty of Literature, remarked, “Each action and decision we make contributes to the future of others and society at large. With new responsibilities and possibilities ahead, let’s work diligently.”