Chinese Activist Tang Jitian Prevented from Attending Daughter’s Funeral Service in Japan; Supporters Had Requested Permission To Travel on Humanitarian Grounds from Chinese Authorities

The Yomiuri Shimbun
The funeral service for Tang Zhengqi in Tokyo on Saturday.

Tang Jitian, a Chinese human rights activist, was prevented from attending a funeral service for his 27-year-old daughter, Tang Zhengqi, in Japan on Saturday, as the Chinese authorities have banned him from leaving the country, sources said.

Zhengqi, who had been studying in Japan, died of pneumonia at her home on Feb. 20, according to supporters.

Jitian, who is believed to be under the surveillance of the Chinese authorities in Jilin Province, told people around him that he wanted to attend the funeral. His supporters and others issued a statement asking the Chinese government to allow him to travel to Japan on humanitarian grounds, the source said. However, it is believed that the authorities did not grant the request.

Zhengqi, who had been studying at a Tokyo language school, became ill in 2021. She had remained unconscious and in a critical condition since then. Jitian attempted to travel to Japan to see her but was stopped by Chinese authorities at the airport. He continued to be detained or placed under various forms of surveillance after that.