Tokyo Midtown Yaesu, Kuradashi Sells Discounted Valentine’s Day Chocolates to Tackle Food Waste

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A sign in front of the venue reads, “Our Valentine’s starts from Feb. 15.”

“Our Valentine’s starts from Feb. 15,” reads a sign at a venue in Tokyo Midtown Yaesu in Chuo Ward, Tokyo.

An event to save Valentine’s Day chocolates from going to waste, held at the complex near Tokyo Station, sells the treats at discounts along with special dishes using them as ingredients.

Around 30 types of chocolates and sweets are available at a 25% to 60% discount of regular prices at the booth set up on the basement floor of the building. Five restaurants in Tokyo Midtown Yaesu are also serving dishes utilizing unsold chocolates such as chocolate gateau and steak with chocolate sauce.

The event isorganized by Kuradashi Co., a company based in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, that runs an online shop selling discounted food products that are close to their expiration date or are out of standards. Food waste in Japan amounts to 5.23 million tons annually, with one factor being seasonal products such as those for Valentine’s Day and Christmas. It’s difficult to sell according to demand forecasts and many products lose their place once these special days end.

The company has run Valentine’s Day campaigns since 2022, which so far have saved 11,000 chocolate products from going to waste. Kuradashi said it hopes people would eat such unsold products to support the days of celebratory occasions.

The event will last through Feb. 25 but may end earlier depending on product availability.