A Man Fell Attempting “Mata-Nozoki” to View Amanohashidate, One of the Three Most Scenic Spots in Japan; Presumed to be Pushed by His Friend

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Tourists attempting “mata-nozoki” to view Amanohashidate upside down in Kyoto in 2020.

A man in his 50s fell from the observation platform on Thursday while trying to view Amanohashidate, which is a famous scenic spot in Japan, at Kusamatsu Park in Kyoto Prefecture. He was attempting “mata-nozoki,” the popular way to view Amanohashidate by turning upside down and looking between the legs, when he fell about 15 meters down the slope below. He was injured and taken to hospital but is said to be in a stable condition.

According to the local police, the man visited the park with his friends. They were apparently frolicking around there, and he was likely to be pushed by one of his friends.

The official of the company which manages the park said, “When you do mata-nozoki, you should hold the balustrades attached to the platform.”

The view of Amanohashidate