Sota Fujii Ryuo Wins Third Osho Title, Sets New Record with 20 Consecutive Victories

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Sota Fujii Ryuo defends his Osho title on Thursday in Tachikawa City, Tokyo.

Shogi master Sota Fujii Ryuo has won his third consecutive Osho title, defeating eighth-dan challenger Tatsuya Sugai, 31, with four straight victories.

The Osho Championship, a seven-game series in shogi, took place in Tachikawa City, Tokyo. The fourth and deciding match took place over Wednesday and Thursday.

Fujii, 21, holds multiple titles, including the Meijin, Oi, Eio, Oza, Kio, and Kisei titles.

Since his debut in the Kisei Championship in 2020, Fujii has achieved a remarkable 20 straight victories in title matches up through the current series, setting a new record for consecutive wins.