Fukuoka Airport Repaints Signs in Response to Haneda Airport Collision Accident; 20 Stops Indicated with High Luminance Paint

Courtesy of the airport operator
A man repaints signs at Fukuoka Airport

In response to the collision between two aircrafts at Haneda Airport earlier this month, Fukuoka Airport has repainted signs at its taxiways with high luminance paint.

This was in order to prevent a similar accident from occurring, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and Fukuoka International Airport Co., the operator of Fukuoka Airport, announced on Friday.

The repainting was done in line with emergency measures compiled by the transport ministry.

Between Jan.19 and Friday, 20 signs were painted indicating the stop position for aircrafts at taxiways in front of the runway so that pilots would not miss them.

The control tower of the airport has also been staffed with personnel who constantly monitor the screen that alerts controllers of the presence of aircrafts approaching the wrong way.

The airport has also increased the number of road markers indicating no-go zones, as there have been two incidents this month of passenger planes getting stuck on the wrong side of the road after landing.