Broccoli to be ‘Designated Vegetable’ in Japan; First Addition in 50 Years

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Broccoli, which will be designated an important vegetable.

Broccoli will be added to the agriculture ministry’s list of important “designated vegetables” that are consumed in mass quantities in the country.

Currently, 14 vegetables — including cabbage, radish and tomato — are on the list, and broccoli will be added from fiscal 2026. Broccoli will be the list’s first addition since potato’s inclusion in 1974.

Broccoli is currently one of the 35 “specified vegetables” that are regarded as important, second to designated vegetables. This is the first time a specified vegetable will be promoted to the designated category. The promotion will allow broccoli growers to receive higher subsidies for ensuring stable production when the vegetable’s price falls considerably.

According to the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry, broccoli shipments in 2022 totaled 157,100 tons, a 28% increase from the figure in 2012. A household survey by the internal affairs ministry also showed that the amount purchased per household of two or more people in 2022 was 4,850 grams, a 29% increase from 2012.

The agriculture ministry official said, “While shipment volumes are flat or declining for many vegetables, the shipment volume of broccoli grew to be on par with other designated vegetables.”

Major production areas of broccoli are in Hokkaido as well as Aichi and Saitama prefectures. Large-scale broccoli producers and shipping organizations will be eligible for subsidies if they register with the ministry and draw up supply plans based on government guidelines.