Quake-hit JR Nanao Train Line to Resume Service Between Hakui and Nanao on Jan. 22; Limited Expresses Thunderbird, Noto Kagaribi to Return

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Passengers wait on a platform at JR Nanao Line’s Hakui Station in Ishikawa Prefecture on Monday, the day it resumed service between Hakui and Takamatsu stations.

Earthquake-hit JR Nanao Line, which runs between Tsubata and Wakura Onsen in Ishikawa Prefecture, will resume service between Hakui and Nanao stations on Jan. 22, West Japan Railway Co. announced Wednesday. The service had been disrupted since Jan. 1 due to the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, but the train will be able to run between Kanazawa and Nanao.

Service between Takamatsu and Hakui stations resumed on Monday. The section between Nanao and Wakura Onsen has not yet been restored due to damage to bridges and other problems.

The Thunderbird limited express train from Osaka and the Noto Kagaribi limited express train from Kanazawa will also resume services from Jan. 22.