Yuichi Nakamaru of Japan Boy Band KAT-TUN Announces Marriage To Former TV Presenter Rina Sasazaki

Yomiuri Shimbun potos
Right:KAT-TUN’s Yuichi Nakamaru
Left: Former Nippon Television Network Corp. presenter Rina Sasazaki

Yuichi Nakamaru of the Japanese boy band KAT-TUN on Tuesday announced his marriage to former Nippon Television Network Corp. presenter Rina Sasazaki.

“I’ll work to further develop unique performances and strive to be needed by others,” Nakamaru, 40, said in a statement released through his office.

Nakamaru is from Tokyo and Sasazaki, 31, is from Yokohama.

Sasazaki joined Nippon TV in 2015 and left the company at the end of 2023. They had appeared together on a Nippon TV information program.