Tokyo Police Mark 150th Anniversary of Founding

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department in Tokyo

Tokyo (Jiji Press)—Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department pledged continued efforts to maintain security in the Japanese capital in a ceremony marking the 150th anniversary of its founding on Monday.

“We pledge to work together and demonstrate our comprehensive strength to maintain security in the capital city of Tokyo,” MPD Superintendent General Hiroshi Kojima said in the ceremony attended by Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako as well as some 150 MPD officials.

Emperor Naruhito said that he hopes the MPD will “continue to live up to the expectations and trust of the people of Tokyo and the country, and ensure the safety and security of society.” He also expressed his condolences over the deaths of many people in a New Year’s Day earthquake in central Japan.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, National Police Agency Commissioner General Yasuhiro Tsuyuki and Prosecutor-General Yukio Kai also attended the ceremony.

What later became the current MPD was founded on Jan. 15, 1874. Toshiyoshi Kawaji, who studied the police systems of European countries and laid the foundation for the modern Japanese police system, was appointed as its first chief.

It was Emperor Naruhito’s first visit to the MPD since April 1986, before his ascension to the throne, and it was Empress Masako’s first-ever visit, including during her career at the Foreign Ministry.

The MPD’s centennial anniversary ceremony in 1974 was attended by then Emperor Hirohito and then Empress Nagako.