Citizen Group Aims to Collect ¥1 Mil. To Make Full-Body Suit of Unko-chan, Unofficial Unnan City Character in Shimane Pref.

Courtesy of Unko-chan no Kai
Unko-chan, an unofficial character of the city of Unnan in Shimane Prefecture

Citizen group Unko-chan no Kai in Unnan, Shimane Prefecture, is calling for donations through crowdfunding to make a full-body suit of Unko-chan, an unofficial character of Unnan City. The goal is to collect ¥1 million by Friday.

Unko-chan is a character created by a city employee and which debuted in the city’s PR magazine in 2014. Set up as a fairy born from the clouds of the city of Unnan, it has a cloud-shaped head, carries a grilled mackerel on its back and wears a necklace of Orochi no Tsume red peppers. Both foods are Unnan specialties. The character has become increasingly popular, with companies in the city selling related goods.