Picture Book of Tama the Feline Stationmaster to Go on Sale

Yomiuri Shimbun photos
Mitsunobu Kojima, president of Wakayama Electric Railway Co., and Nitama, the current feline stationmaster, unveil a picture book about Tama, the first feline stationmaster, in Wakayama City on Wednesday.

WAKAYAMA — A picture book about the life of Tama, the first feline stationmaster of Wakayama Electric Railway Co.’s Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, will go on sale on Monday.

The publication of the book, titled “Neko no Ekichosan Tama” (Tama the Stationmaster Cat), was announced Wednesday to coincide with the start of the operation of a Christmas themed train. Tama’s successor was also present for promotional activities.

The picture book features Tama, who became the station’s first feline stationmaster in 2007. Tama was popular both at home and abroad but died in 2015. The book was created by Toshikado Hajiri, a picture book author living in Tokushima Prefecture.

Mitsunobu Kojima, president of Wakayama Electric Railway Co., and the current feline stationmaster Nitama promote the Christmas version of the company’s train in Wakayama City on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Mitsunobu Kojima, president of the railway company, together with Nitama, the second cat stationmaster of Kishi Station, unveiled the picture book at the company’s Wakayama Station in Wakayama City.

“I will be happy if children receive this book as a Christmas present and read it,” Kojima said. “Nitama also said she’s happy that the picture book about her senior will be published.”

The 32-page picture book, which will be published by Kinnohoshi Co., is priced at ¥1,540, including tax. It can be purchased at Kishi and Idakiso stations, as well as on the company’s online shop (https://shop.wakayama-dentetsu.co.jp/)