Office Chairs Roll through Oita Streets in Road Race; Kyushu Univ. Students Take 1st with 124 Laps

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Competitors kick along the Isu-1 course in Oita in office chairs on Sunday.

OITA — The Isu-1 Grand Prix Oita Tsurusaki was held in Oita on Sunday, with competitors trying to make the most laps on the course while sitting on wheeled office chairs.

Participants formed teams of three, and took turns rolling through a 200-meter course around Hoshin Temple for two hours. At the race’s start, contestants kicked the ground hard while seated, and the rattle of their chairs echoed around the area.

Beating out 31 teams from companies and other organizations in and outside Oita Prefecture, a team of Kyushu University students and others took first place with 124 laps.