Unrelated Person’s Photo Broadcast as Suspect’s Photo on Nagoya-based TV Station

The Japan News
Aichi Prefecture

NAGOYA — Nagoya-based Tokai TV apologized Saturday for broadcasting the image of an unrelated person as a photo of a suspect arrested in connection with an incident in which a man was found dead in a condo unit in Nagoya’s Naka Ward.

The TV station showed a photo allegedly of the 29-year-old suspect, Asuka Uchida, who was arrested on suspicion of abandoning the body of the man. However, it announced Saturday that the photo was of someone else, and later on the same day posted an apology on its website, as well as apologizing on a national news broadcast by its affiliated station.

Uchida was arrested Friday, and the TV station said it broadcast the wrong photo six times on national and local news from Friday to Saturday afternoon until the error was revealed by the person who contacted it and said, “My photo was used by mistake.”