DJ Soda Sexually Harassed at Osaka Music Event

OSAKA — A South Korean DJ was sexually harassed by some audience members at an outdoor music event that was held in Osaka from Aug. 11 to 13, according to an Osaka event management company.

The company, TryHard Japan, has announced on its website that DJ Soda was touched on her breast during the music event she attended.

The incident happened at an event called Music Circus ’23, held in Sennan, Osaka Prefecture, according to the website.

With more than 5 million followers on Instagram, DJ Soda is a popular DJ who also works as a model.

She posted on a social media, “Several people suddenly touched my chest and I was helplessly sexually harassed by them.”

TryHard Japan announced Tuesday that the incident had occurred. It released a statement saying, “Such behavior is sexual violence and a sexual crime, and this can never be tolerated.”

The company plans to identify those who committed the act and take action, such as filing a claim for damages or lodging criminal complaints.