Typhoon Lan’s Total Rainfall Might Exceed Typical August Figure, Govt Warns

The Yomiuri Shimbun
An official gives a briefing on Typhoon No. 7 on Sunday.

Typhoon No. 7, also known as Lan, which is expected to make landfall in Kinki or Tokai regions on Tuesday, might bring an enormous amount of rain that could exceed the typical precipitation seen each August, the government warned on Sunday.

An official of the Japan Meteorological Agency called for extreme caution at a press conference.

According to the JMA, warning-grade heavy rainfall is likely in the Kanto and Koshin regions Monday through Wednesday, and in the Shikoku, Kinki and Tokai regions Tuesday through Wednesday.

The expected 24-hour precipitation amounts by noon on Tuesday include 300-500 mm in Tokai, and 200-300 mm in Shikoku, Kinki and Kanto Koshin. The Tokai region also expects 300-400 mm of rain over the subsequent 24-hour period.

There is also a likelihood of storms in western and eastern Japan from Monday through Wednesday, as well as the possibility of damage from flooding because of storm surges and high waves.