Concerns Raised as Generative AI Could Cause More Confusion

Reuters file photo
The logo of OpenAI is displayed near a response by its AI chatbot ChatGPT on its website, in this illustration on Feb. 9.

Concerns have been raised that using generative AI, which compiles both accurate and inaccurate information, could prevent people from having healthy discussions.

Generative AI creates a variety of data, including text and images, by gathering large amounts of information from the internet without determining its accuracy. This has raised concerns that information might be collected from various sources, with no indication of its origin, accelerating confusion.

Efforts have been made in recent years, both domestically and internationally, to help people distinguish between reliable and unreliable information online.

A technology research consortium of newspapers and IT giants is exploring the practical application of Originator Profile, a technology that makes it easier to find reliable sources of information.