Shipping in Full Swing of Ducklings for Use in Rice Paddies

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Ducklings chirp and huddle together at a Tsumura Honten breeding facility in Matsubara, Osaka Prefecture.

OSAKA — Shipping of ducklings for use in farming is peaking at a breeding facility at Tsumura Honten in Matsubara, Osaka Prefecture.

About 1,000 chirping ducklings raised at the company will be released in chemical-free rice paddies to help farmers by eating pests and weeds.

Shipping of aigamo ducklings — a cross between wild and domestic ducks — started in May. The company will send about 3,000 ducklings to rice farms across the country by late June.

“Orders from younger farmers are increasing,” said a Tsumura Honten employee in charge of raising ducklings. “I have high hopes for the spread of this type of farming in the future.”