Salted Cherry Blossom Petals Hit High Season in Shimane Pref.

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Cherry blossom petals are placed one by one by hand in Unnan, Shimane Prefecture, on Monday.

Production has hit high season for a group of residents making salted cherry blossom petals in Unnan, Shimane Prefecture, which is known for its cherry blossoms.

The salted petals open up when added to tea and other beverages, allowing one to take in the sweet and sour aroma.

The group came up with the food product around 2010 as they tried to develop local specialties.

Using about 80 kilograms of petals that come from a cherry species called Kanzan, the group marinates them with salt and ume plum vinegar for about 20 days. The petals are then dried in the shade for 1½ days.

“This year we have again produced the best,” the group’s leader Yasuko Ago said. “I hope many people will try it.”

The salted petals will be sold at a michi no eki roadside rest area in the city and other locations from early June.