Carp Streamers Displayed Underwater in Wakayama Pref. for Children’s Day

Courtesy of Kushimoto Diving Association

A koinobori carp streamer dances gracefully beneath the waves in the waters off Cape Shionomisaki in Kushimoto, Wakayama Prefecture. A vibrant display of fifteen koinobori can now be seen ahead of Children’s Day on May 5. The Kushimoto Diving Association has organized this annual event since 2013 to showcase one of Honshu’s premier diving locations. On Thursday, seven divers ventured approximately 200 meters and descended to a depth of around 10 meters, securing between rocks a 30-meter-long rope adorned with blue, orange and green koinobori. Some of them represented local delicacies, such as bonito and tuna. The carp streamers will be on display until May 8.