Pollen Season Begins in 21 of Japan’s Prefectures

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
A cedar blossom-covered mountain is seen in Akiruno, Tokyo, in February 2019.

The pollen season has begun in 21 of the nation’s prefectures, Weathernews Inc. announced Wednesday.

The company’s full breakdown runs thus: seven prefectures in Kyushu; seven prefectures in Kanto; and Ehime, Kochi, Yamaguchi, Shimane, Wakayama, Mie, and Shizuoka.

The Kyushu region’s starting date was largely unchanged from typical years, while the Kanto region was about a week behind average.

Regarding cedar pollen dispersion, Kyushu is forecast to peak soon; the Kinki, Tokai, and Kanto regions will reach a pinnacle in late February; Hokuriku levels will climax in early March; and Tohoku will top out in early March or later.

Hinoki (Japanese cypress) pollen will crest from late March onward, starting from Kyushu.