Japan traffic deaths hit record low in 2022

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
The Metropolitan Police Department building in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Japan saw 2,610 fatalities from traffic accidents in 2022, down by 26 from the previous year and a record low since such data became available in 1948, the National Police Agency said Wednesday.

The number of deaths from traffic accidents has been on the decline in recent years, after hitting a record high of 16,765 in 1970. The figure fell to a record low for the sixth straight year.

The government has set a goal of reducing annual fatalities to 2,000 or fewer by 2025.

By prefecture, Osaka had the highest traffic death total last year for the first time, at 141.

Aichi came second, with 137, followed by 132 in Tokyo. The lowest figure was 14 in Tottori.

Deaths per 100,000 population were highest in Okayama, at 3.94, and lowest in Tokyo, at 0.94.

Among people aged 65 or older, the number of traffic deaths stood at 1,471 on a preliminary basis, representing 56.4 pct of the total tally.

The NPA confirmed a preliminary total of 301,193 traffic accidents in 2022, down by 4,003, and 356,419 injuries, down by 5,712.