Kyoto Aquarium welcomes three baby Cape penguins into the world

Courtesy of the Kyoto Aquarium
Left: The first Cape penguin baby recently born at the Kyoto Aquarium
Top right: The second baby
Bottom right: The third baby

KYOTO — Three cute and fluffy Cape penguins were born in succession recently at the Kyoto Aquarium.

Cape penguins usually breed from October to March every year.

The first of the three babies was born to mother Hachi and father Bukko. The egg was laid on Oct. 20, and it hatched on Nov. 26. The second baby was also born to the same parents, with the egg laid on Oct. 23 and it hatched on Nov. 30.

The third baby was born to mother Shichijo and father Maru. The egg was laid on Oct. 26, and it hatched on Dec. 4.

Their gender is not yet known.

The penguins at the aquarium in Kyoto’s Shimogyo Ward are named after the city’s streets. The aquarium will give such names to the babies later.

The first baby is being raised by aquarium staff, but the other two have been seen publicly receiving food from their parents in their nests and peeking out from under their parents’ bellies.

At the age of about 70 days, the penguins are expected to become about the same size as adults and their fluffy fur will have fallen out.

“I hope people will watch these babies grow up, which can only be seen now,” an aquarium official said.