‘See-through toilets’ malfunction in Shibuya

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Two toilet cubicles are seen in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, in November. The cubicle’s glass becomes opaque when in use, as seen on the right.

Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward announced Friday that two public restrooms in the ward, known as “see-through toilets,” in which the glass walls of the restrooms become opaque when in use, had a problem that allowed people to see inside while in use.

The walls of the toilets are made of special glass, which becomes opaque when locked. However, on Tuesday, it was discovered that this mechanism did not work. According to the ward, this was due to glass particles that had hardened due to the cold weather,causing delays in the glass becoming opaque.

The ward took measures to make the wall opaque for the time being.