Food, beverage items for better sleep booming

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The market for food and beverage products that are claimed to help improve the quality of sleep is booming in Japan, reflecting the increasing number of people affected by mental and physical problems stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among such products, Yakult Honsha Co.’s Yakult 1000 lactic acid bacteria drink, released nationwide in 2021, is a smash hit.

With demand outpacing supply, the company increased the output capacity by September. Still, the product has remained in short supply in some areas.

“The supply system [for the product] is not yet adequate,” a public relations official of the company admitted.

According to Tokyo-based research company Fuji Keizai Co., the market for food products focused on easing stress and improving sleep quality expanded 1.5-fold from the previous year to ¥36.5 billion in 2021. The market is expected to grow further in 2022.

To follow the success of Yakult 1000, a succession of new products is being released.