Surprising scene of scarecrows in central Tokyo marks start of autumn

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Local residents take care of scarecrows on display in Meguro Ward, Tokyo.

Scarecrows are on display through Oct. 30 in an annual event at Keruneru Tanbo (Kellner’s rice paddy) in the Komaba district of Meguro Ward, Tokyo, giving local residents the feel of autumn.

The scarecrows are displayed in a rice paddy that was once a training field for Komaba Agricultural School, which opened in 1878 and is now the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Tokyo. The paddy is also known as a former research site for German scholar Oskar Kellner.

On the theme of “World Peace” this year, 28 scarecrows, including Mother Teresa and a globe, were made by children and others and displayed by an organizing committee formed by local residents.

The display can be seen from train windows on the nearby Keio Inokashira Line.

“I hope people will get the feeling of nature by seeing the scarecrows because such scenery is rarely seen in the center of Tokyo,” said Kunio Matsumoto, 83, chair of the organizing committee.