Lost dog trying to board Tokyo-bound train causes delays on Odakyu Line

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Odakyu logo is seen in the Shinjuku district, Tokyo in June 2021.

A lost dog climbed onto an Odakyu Line train platform and stepped into a Shinjuku-bound train at Tsurumaki-Onsen Station in Hadano, Kanagawa Prefecture, at about 7 a.m. on Thursday. The confusion caused services to be delayed up to 15 minutes.

According to Odakyu Electric Railway Co., a dog that appeared to be a Shiba Inu entered the front car of a local train as the doors opened. Two station employees were able to get the dog off the train, however, one employee was bitten and had to receive first aid. The train departed the station nine minutes late. Security footage apparently showed the dog jumping onto the platform from the tracks.

The dog is believed to have gotten loose while on a walk with an elderly man, according to Hadano police.

The dog was later reunited with the man at the Tsurumaki police box nearby.