Japan records highest-ever June temperature

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Children play in the water on Saturday in Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture while it registered over 40 C heat.

Temperatures soared across the nation Saturday, reaching 40.2 C in Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture, marking the first time in the history of Japan’s climate records for the mercury to rise above 40 C in June.

Central Tokyo registered a high of 35.4 C. Not since records began in 1875 have temperatures exceeded 35 C in the capital so early in the year.

Previously, the hottest June temperature ever recorded was 39.8 C in Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture, on June 24, 2011. On Saturday, the city recorded 38.4 C, its hottest temperature of the year.

The Tokyo Fire Department reported that at least 126 men and women ages 4-94 had been hospitalized for suspected heatstroke on Saturday in Tokyo. Of these people, four men and women in their 50s to 80s are seriously ill, the fire department said.

In Toba, Mie Prefecture, a man in his 90s died of heatstroke.

Since many people are unaccustomed to such heat at this time of year, increased attention should be paid to changes in physical condition. The Japan Meteorological Agency has advised people to drink water frequently, use air conditioning and refrain from venturing outside.